CEO Scott Herckis knew he wanted to work in business for a career, so began studying at the University of Texas for his undergraduate degree. After completing his degree, he then worked his way up the accounting and finance ladder with companies in the fashion and apparel industry as a controller, then a Vice President of Finance and eventually as Chief Finance Officer.

After working at large firms for quite some time, CEO Scott Herckis decided he wanted more than simply numbers and business, he wanted to take the wisdom he had gathered from his previous large, conglomerate jobs and use that knowledge to help small business owners to make the best financial decisions possible for their future. He saw that often times, many small business owners were being lumped into mass corporate suggestions and felt that they needed advisement based on sound and objective data. CEO Scott Herckis was given the opportunity to learn how the financial world worked and used his leadership skills to oversee the financial departments of these large corporations. Therefore, after gaining that wisdom, in 2009, he launched his own firm, SJH Financial.

With his new company, he is now able to carry out his passion for helping small business owners. SJH Financial offers advisement to small and medium businesses as well as complete tax preparation for businesses and individuals in addition to his primary interest which is to provide comprehensive financial and accounting services.